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  1. CD1. Early Works/01. Diamorphoses (1957).opus4.62 MB
  2. CD1. Early Works/02. Concret PH (1958).opus2.00 MB
  3. CD1. Early Works/03. Orient-Occident (1961).opus7.90 MB
  4. CD1. Early Works/04. Bohor (1962).opus14.24 MB
  5. CD1. Early Works/CD1. Early Works.jpg1.51 MB
  6. CD2. Les Polytopes I/01. Hibiki Hana-Ma (1969).opus12.16 MB
  7. CD2. Les Polytopes I/02. Mycenae Alpha (1978).opus6.34 MB
  8. CD2. Les Polytopes I/03. Polytope de Cluny (1972).opus16.97 MB
  9. CD2. Les Polytopes I/CD2. Les Polytopes I.jpg5.80 MB
  10. CD3. Les Polytopes II/01. Persépolis (1972).opus36.05 MB
  11. CD3. Les Polytopes II/CD3. Les Polytopes II.jpg593.54 KB
  12. CD4. Les Polytopes III/01. La légende d'Eer (1978).opus34.56 MB
  13. CD4. Les Polytopes III/CD4. Les Polytopes III.jpg929.76 KB
  14. CD5. Late Works/01. Taurhiphanie (1987-88).opus6.86 MB
  15. CD5. Late Works/02. Voyage absolu des Unari vers Andromède (1989).opus11.31 MB
  16. CD5. Late Works/03. Gendy 3 (1991).opus13.68 MB
  17. CD5. Late Works/04. S.709 (1992).opus4.06 MB
  18. CD5. Late Works/CD5. Late Works.jpg1.55 MB
  19. Electroacoustic Works.jpg120.75 KB
  20. Electroacoustic Works.pdf22.30 MB